Why Clogs

A footwear experience

The Swedish clog is designed for
people who spend endless hours standing on hard surfaces. It is
being praised by nurses, chefs, hair
designers etc., because of it's orthopedic construction, while at the same time being a fashionably stylish shoe.

  • The sole is carefully shaped to offer support and even weight distribution for your body, helping to eliminate the lower back strain and foot discomfort that come from excessive standing.
  • Exact ergonomic measurements include a raised heel, arch support and a toe grip that and helps with balance.
  • Designed to make your toes grip the foot bed to carry the shoe, which helps the blood circulate, preventing tiredness in feet, knees and legs.
  • The toe room in the shoe allows your feet to maintain their natural shape and keeps your toes aligned.
  • The raw materials are carefully chosen to ensure high quality products.
  • Natural materials lets the foot breathe and prevents fungus and Athlete's Foot.
  • Because of the insulating qualities of wood they are cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • The quality leather upper is hand nailed to the sole.

At Scanway we offer you a shoe that prevents perspiration and massages your feet, a shoe that improves your posture and gives you the best orthopedic support and function. This comfort concept can improve the lives of people who spend all day on their feet. So do your feet a favor and discover what the great chefs of Europe have known for ages.

Scanway Fashion

From the modest 2 inch to a high 3.3 inch heel, our fashion clogs combine coolness with street-wise elegance. With the right choice of upper material, they can be worn on any occasion.